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R & R Management is a Real Estate Management company based in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. We are specialists in real estate development and management, with a primary focus in multi-family. Since 1967 The Brody Companies have been a major player in Multi-Family Property Management. R&R Management manages over 1,800 units throughout the Detroit Metropolitan Area.

R&R Management has been recognized with many acknowledgements and awards including the “Property Management Company of the Year” in 2011. In fact no other Michigan Property Management firm has received more Local, State and National awards than R&R Management in the last decade...

Each year we complete a thorough inspection of the property(s), including the roofs, building exteriors, roads, walks, condition of the landscaping, pool and other amenities, laundry facilities, and the interior of the buildings and the apartment homes. We then prepare an extensive plan to repair, improve and update the properties to keep them in first class condition.
Another role in managing a property is developing and maintaining a relationship with our residents. This relationship begins on day one or before. Communication and service is the cornerstone of a strong relationship.

Each community has a staff of reliable maintenance people that will take care of the majority of the property repair needs. All of the members of this department are trained to be knowledgeable, conscientious and supervised by an experienced Maintenance Manager.
The key strengths of this department include:
• Provide first class service to the residents
• Familiarity with the units and equipment, which eliminates the need for outside contractors.
• Implementing and working a preventative maintenance program that will reduce many future repairs.
• Maintain safe conditions on the property.

R&R Management responds to any maintenance or service needs a resident may have. Calls are routinely addressed within 24 hours, except in an emergency when immediate response is necessary. The Management Staff also responds professionally to any questions regarding leasing, rents, and other concerns. We also send notices and monthly newsletters informing residents of community information.
R&R Management believes in forging strong partnerships between on-site Management Staff and residents. These relationships enable us to know what is going on at a particular site. We regularly communicate with residents to see what we can do for them. These contacts are reviewed and plans are developed to improve items to which are of concern by the respondents.
Finally, the On-Site staff and our Corporate Office communicate frequently to address specific goals, listen to and evaluate suggestions, and identify operational targets.

To sum it all up R&R Management focuses on keeping our properties full of happy Residents, looking great, and making our community’s “The Best Managed / Best Maintained” BAR NONE!