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Below you will find a number of ways to view and experience what we have to offer. If you need clarification or more information or would like to come check it out in person, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be more than happy to help you out!


Luxury You Can Affordline

Fountain Park Apartments offers luxurious, well maintained one and two bedroom apartment homes that you can afford, with winding roads through beautifully landscaped grounds, you will be proud to call Fountain Park Novi home. The dual master suite is ideal for you and a roommate.
The dual master suite offers two spacious bedrooms, each with a full bath and large walk in closet.
Please call our leasing office for current availability. Availability changes daily so call us today! 248.348.0626

Finding a Great Place to Live isn’t always Easy

Finding a great place to live isn’t always easy. However, when you choose to live with us, you’ll have a wonderful apartment and a great community to call your own. Apartment living is a great way of life, no property maintenance – something breaks, the community fixes it, and on and on and on. Apartment living at one of our Fountain Park properties can offer just as much of a community feel as living in a stand-alone home. In fact, it’s even easier to get a sense of community in an apartment when, after all, you live closer to your neighbors.

Comfortable places. Comfort and community starts at Fountain Park on the inside, which means creating an apartment home where you feel comfortable. The faster you feel at home in your apartment, the more you’ll want to explore your apartment community and get involved.

Friendly faces. Our friendly Fountain Park staff has a huge impact on the sense of community for you and your neighbors. All it takes is a smiling face and a simple hello to create bonds that will lead to a rich community sense for everyone by practicing consistent, friendly behavior. This kind of kindness is contagious.

Shared spaces. Don’t be afraid to settle in at Fountain Park, both inside your own apartment and in common areas. Shared spaces are a hot spot for community living. Make the most of areas like the pool and clubhouse. Your community will also sponsor social events that are great for mingling and meeting new faces. The support of Fountain Park residents is always needed to make events like these successful. When many participate, the energy can really make a difference to the experience of sharing life together in a great community.
It’s fun to plan great events for our residents and families to enjoy throughout the year! So if you have a great idea for an event, drop by the leasing office and share, we look forward to hearing from you!

Why Fountain Park?
Nobody ever said finding “the one” was easy. The same is true for finding your ideal apartment– it’s also tough to know while apartment searching when you’ve found the place you want to snatch up. Every place is going to have its advantages and disadvantages. So, to give you a little assistance on your apartment quest, here’s how to know you’ve found the one at Fountain Park:

You Will Like Your Landlord.
It’s important to enter into a lease confident in your landlord’s expectations and dependability. You don’t want to get stuck with no heat mid-December, only to find out you have a landlord who’s no help at all.When talking (whether in person or over email or phone) one our friendly staff members will pay attention to how they can answer your questions or concerns and quickly respond. At Fountain Park you will find a staff who you will find a staff who you will like and trust.

Quick Facts
Square Feet
$1,020 –$1,299
1 – 2
1 Bath – 2 Bath
820 – 1,150

Community Amenities

Unit Amenities

Monthly Special!

Home For the Heroes Program


Call 248.348.0626
to see if you qualify!

Employee Partnerships

Attention all GOVERNMENT employees,
UNION employees and employee of the BIG 3!

Call 248.348.0626
to see if you qualify!

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